Drunken Nights and Yawning Portals

Adventurers League?
Time to get some sweet XP

SO, while I plan on doing a proper campaign version of the book at some point, I am CURRENTLY doing Tales sessions open to the public at Asgard Games! Our first game will be on the 19th from 4-8 PM, where a group of Tier 1s play The Sunless Citadel. This will be an AL COMPLIANT game, so please bring your current characters!

Eventually I'll get a big fancy campaign together. Eventually. That group will likely be semi-closed, but any 7 strangers can show up to my AL games.

Looking for Group!
Grab your torch and pitchforks!

This "Tales" run through is currently looking for people to play through, either online on Roll20 or in person somewhere in the Loop in Houston, TX. People are asked to try to commit to a whole unit of the game, but it's understandable if your character has to drop a session, and can be worked into the story.

Currently the DM is looking privately, but shall be opening up to public LFG closer to the time I run each unit. I'm looking for 4-5 players per unit, and prefer to play with other LGBT gamers. 

Let the dungeons begin!

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